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Jamie M

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DJ Lega5y

I create custom playlists for any occasion!
Categories: Disc Jockey

DJ Lega5y is a native of Texas and began DJ-ing in 2003, the same year she was dubbed DJ Lega5y by her college engineering fraternity.

DJ Lega5y was inspired after spending a summer visiting a local record shop in Trenton, NJ, during her stint as a summer research student at Princeton University.  It was here that she started to develop an increased appreciation and love for deep house music and an interest in DJ-ing.

After returning to her university in the fall, she teamed up with one of her engineering buddies and they decided to pool their resources and invest in their first DJ kit.   Her desire to manage the playlist at parties combined with his knack for electronics and popularity in hosting parties made for a good partnership.

Throughout college DJ Lega5y dabbled with DJ-ing, but with already established DJs on the scene and her heavy course load, she stuck to small house parties, school and fraternity events.

When DJ Lega5y moved to the DC area in 2009, she saw the vast and eclectic opportunities for DJ-ing and entertainment and she began to fine tune her skills.

The time DJ Lega5y has lived in the DMV (DC, Maryland, VA) area, she has DJ’ed numerous events including: weddings, milestone birthdays, graduation parties, church events, fundraising events, and nationally recognized youth organization events and parties including the Girl Scouts of America and National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF).  DJ Lega5y has also DJ’ed internationally in Sydney, Australia at Rydges World Square.

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